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Find My Factory

Marketplace for B2B buyers and suppliers in Europe

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Find My Factory gathers all manufacturers/suppliers in Europe making them searchable and delivering great information on buyers.



Finding the right manufacturing partner has long been a complex and frustrating process for businesses in Europe. This journey is fraught with various challenges, including inefficiencies, lack of transparency, credibility concerns, and limited European access. These issues not only consume valuable time and resources but can also result in costly consequences such as production delays, cost overruns, and quality compromises.


Enter Find My Factory, a game-changing solution designed to revolutionize the way businesses discover and connect with suppliers across the Europe. We've developed a  ecosystem that addresses these challenges head-on, offering a transparent, efficient, and trustworthy approach to supplier selection.

With Find My Factory, you gain access to a database of pre-verified manufacturing facilities, each accompanied by detailed profiles. Our advanced search filters allow you to tailor your search precisely, while our verification processes ensure the credibility of listed factories.


Martin Schneider

Find My Factory

"As a founder, Evolante gave me the technical aspect of building the platform. I have now recommended them to my network"

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